Our Italian Story

Where it all began

Goodwool's story is driven by two core values: passion and care.

The founder was looking for a way to protect and value his beloved classic car, and he found the perfect solution in Merino wool, a natural and performant fiber used primarily for
clothing, that became also perfect for dressing cars.

Wool was simply perfect due to its natural performances, breathable, thermoregulating, moisture wickiing
and odour resistant. Ideal for stocking cars safe from humidity, mold, leather damage, rust as from dryness that could affect rubber seals.

The first prototype

The idea worked, relying on expert artisans to make a very challenging first car cover: a one of a kind 1955 winged Porsche 550 RS “Michael May”.

The limitless potential of the
project was immediately evident, functionality and style became priorities.

The rest is history

The result was a success.
The collector’s enthusiasm for a disruptive car cover was evident since the
beginning. In addition to meeting an important demand from car lovers.

Classic, luxury and high performance cars, a Goodwool cover enhances the uniqueness of any car increasing protection, value and garage beauty. We deal with the best collectors and automotive brands that shares our values and deeply know that: