Our Made In Italy

A perfect environment

The combination of heritage, craftsmanship, quality, design, and Italian aesthetics contributes to the unique appeal of products labeled "Made in Italy" and has helped establish Italy as a global leader in various industries, such as automotive and textile and those two in particular were the environment where Goodwool roots firmly established.

As it once was

The choice of artisanal craftsmanship comes from wanting to guarantee every buyer and enthusiast a durable product, carefully crafted down to the smallest detail, just as if the car to be covered were our own.
Every step, from the sketch to the actual production, is handled by the best experts in the field who, with their experience, enrich a car cover even more.

How Italians do things

The excellence of Made in Italy is to be preserved and handed down, and we strive to do so in several ways: through our production cycle and through the export of our products abroad, to show that Italian know-how is unique, unattainable in terms of quality.