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About our products

What is the difference between Essential, Advanced and Atelier?
  • Essential is ready to order, with single layer fabric, offered for a selected list of car models
  • Advanced is bespoke, with single layer fabric
  • Atelier is bespoke, with 2 layers fabric (Sensitive® and wool) for maximum protection
Is the cover water resistant?

The single layer fabric is water repellent but meant for an indoor use only

Can the cover damage my car?

No, on the contrary it protects it. Keep it in mind that the car should be clean when you
dress the carhsell as, despite being very soft, our carshells are meant to protect, not to clean.

Can I use the cover outside?

A light drizzle or rain will not damage the carshell thanks to its water repellent treatment; nonetheless the carshell is for indoor use

What is the difference between Essential and Advance?

The fabric is the same, the Essential is ready to order for selected models/brands, the Advanced is for bespoke orders

What are the possibilities for a bespoke cover? 

Explore our customization guidelines provided on the product pages. If you have any additional customization ideas or requests, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us

Can I have the automotive or others logos on the carshells?

At this time, we have licensing agreements in place solely with Alfa Romeo. However, you have the option to include your own personal logo (available with our bespoke offer only!). If you are interested in branded covers from our automotive partners, you can obtain them directly through those partners.

About Goodwool

Where is Goodwool located?

Milan and Turin, Italy

Does Goodwool have a showroom?

No, we actually don't have any but you can search distributors as they have always
Goodwool covers on diplay.

About delivery

How long will it take to receive my cover?

It will take from 3 to 5 weeks for ready to order (Essential), while the bespoke offer (Advanced and Atelier) is shipping 8 to 10 weeks from payment receipt.

Does Goodwool ship worldwide?

Yes, delivery and duties are included in cover price

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