Our fabrics

A Sustainable Choice for the Future

In an era prioritizing environmental consciousness, Goodwool Car Covers leads sustainability efforts. Partnering with EUROJERSEY, they exclusively utilize Sensitive® fabrics, setting new eco-friendly standards. EUROJERSEY's SensitivEcoSystem® project, initiated in 2007, drives this innovation, focusing on reducing water, energy, and chemical consumption. Goodwool ensures top-tier sustainability and quality by using these fabrics, offering effective vehicle protection with an eco-friendly touch.



Engineered for indoor use, this breathable material ensures optimal airflow, keeping your vehicle fresh and free from condensation. Its elastic properties provide a snug fit, enhancing protection without compromising on aesthetic.


Sensitive® + Merino Wool

Elevate your car care routine with Goodwool Car Covers' Two Layers Fabric, featuring merino wool from the prestigious Tollegno 1900. This innovative fabric is designed for indoor use, offering natural moisture control and thermoregulation to create the perfect environment for preserving your vehicle. The merino wool excels in maintaining optimal moisture levels and temperature, ensuring superior protection for your car.

Additionally, the outer layer of this cover is treated with a water repellency finish, making it suitable for outdoor use as well. This added feature makes it incredibly versatile and practical for trophies and concours, providing reliable protection regardless of the setting.

Available only for the Atelier Service.