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The Essential cover is available only for selected stock cars

An Italian excellence

Made with the finest materials, the most advanced manufacturing procedures, inspired by style, quality and performance to protect your cars without hiding it!


The Essential car cover offers a ready to order durable protection for your vehicle.

Made from a single layer fabric that provides a snug fit that complements your car's shape.

Key features include:

  • Ready to order
  • Sensitive® Fabric: Innovative and environmentally friendly material
  • Perfect Fit: super stretchy and tailored to fit your car model precisely
  • Anti scratch
  • Anti static
  • No sand retain

Included in the price:

  • Custom cover bag included for easy stocking and transportation
  • Hassle free worldwide express delivery with tracking (all duties paid)

Available for a wide range of stock car models (often updated)

Price: € 1290

Premium materials

Experience automotive excellence with Goodwool's exclusive car covers, featuring Eurojersey's Sensitive® fabric.

This cutting-edge fabric offers unrivaled durability and sustainability, crafted with eco-friendly processes.

Exquisite manufacturing

Experience the future of craftsmanship with our advanced digital workflow.

Utilizing cutting-edge 3D modeling technology and proprietary aerospace-derived software, we achieve unparalleled precision and attention to detail.

Embrace the convergence of technology and artistry, creating extraordinary automotive masterpieces that captivate the senses.

Find your model

The Essential cover is available only for selected stock cars

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Customer reviews
Customer reviews
"Looks like a 3D render of the car underneath"
— Tim "Shmee" - IG @shmee150
Customer reviews
"Sometimes you don't want to keep it a secret!"
— Nick Unnold - IG @rector_maximus
Customer reviews
“Amazing product, great service and top quality. This is already my second cover by GoodWool.”
— MR. Skeleto - IG @mrskeleto
Customer reviews
Would you like to take care of your precious MC20 Cielo but you still want to appreciate your Fuoriserie livery?
— IG @maserati_fuoriserie
Customer reviews
"Make sure all your neighbours know what's under that cover"
— IG @458.generation

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