In an era where environmental consciousness is paramount, Goodwool Car Covers stands out as a champion of sustainability. Their commitment to preserving our planet goes beyond the ordinary, thanks to an exclusive partnership with EUROJERSEY. Through this collaboration, Goodwool Car Covers have secured the exclusive use of Sensitive® Fabrics for automotive protection, setting a new standard in eco-friendly car care.

EUROJERSEY's SensitivEcoSystem® project, initiated in 2007, is the driving force behind this groundbreaking fabrics. This project focuses on reducing water, energy, and chemical consumption, while also curbing waste and carbon emissions in textile production. It's a comprehensive vision that emphasizes environmental responsibility, influencing businesses worldwide to follow suit.

By exclusively using Sensitive® Fabrics’ range for their car covers, Goodwool ensures a top-tier combination of sustainability and quality. These covers not only shield your vehicle effectively but also do so with an eco-friendly touch. When you choose Goodwool Car Covers, you actively support a brand that prioritizes environmental responsibility and enjoys the peace of mind that comes with reliable vehicle protection.

Moreover, Goodwool Car Covers will be making their presence felt at the prestigious event, "The ICE in St. Moritz," on February 23rd and 24th. This event offers an excellent opportunity for consumers to witness the excellence of Goodwool Car Covers and their dedication to sustainable practices in action.
Visit Goodwool Car Covers at "The ICE in St. Moritz" and experience sustainable excellence firsthand.

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