If competitive spirit, elegance and beauty are ingredients of the Trofeo Tollegno 1900 – Revival Lana Gatto, Goodwool could not miss it. Its precious wool cover cloth has been created to protect prestigious cars, the subject of a great passion like the 100 carefully selected cars, that give life to the fourth edition of the Trofeo. Thanks to the closeness of values, Goodwool chose to be among the main sponsors of the regularity race scheduled in Tollegno, on 5 and 6 May.

Organized by NS Events, the race is also valid for the Challenge Riflessi Biellesi. Among the curiosities, a single female crew and the tailor of VIPs, Alessandro Martorana, very well-known fashion designer who was the main character of the launch video of the innovative 3D Wool fabric by Tollegno 1900 and who chose the number 28 as lucky charm, for the competition.
The race starts on May 5th from Lanificio Tollegno 1900 to reach the “Proving Ground” of Balocco, thanks to the partnership with FCA, and it ends on Sunday 6 May after a series of tests that take place on the territory of Biella. The award ceremony takes place inside the Lanificio di Tollegno 1900, a company that is among the main sponsors together with Ragno, Julipet, Riabella and Lana Gatto.