It is called the largest Automobile Museum in the world, but even if were not it is certainly one of the most interesting. Built in the east of France, at Mulhouse, its collection is due to the passion of the Schlumpf brothers, successful entrepreneurs in textile and wool business. Between 1961 and 1963, Fritz decided to buy a large number of vintage cars from all over the world, with a single restriction: no American model. In few years, he collects 200 cars, which only shows to his friends, and only in 1965 the first article dedicated to this incredible collection appeared in a local newspaper. Some years later, economic problems forced Fritz Schlumpf to sell the entire heritage, which has been purchased by the Association du Musée National de l’Automobile: in 1982 opened it to the public and over the years became a cultural center as well as a reference point for the four-wheel lovers. So, as the French say, vaut le voyage!