Men and cars:
Federico Buratti, between sport and glamor

He has a famous name in textile entrepreneurship, and is very well known in the vintage cars world for his passion that in 30 years has led him to collect a lot of prestige and almost exclusively sports cars. Federico Buratti, originally from Biella and owner of the homonymous Filatura, specialized in pure silk yarns, is particularly linked to two “jewels” that he dreamed of when he was young. They are very different from each other: the former is an essence of luxury and design, the other has a gritty and sporty soul.

The first comes to Federico’s collection in 2000: the magnificent Mercedes-Benz W 198 “seagull wings” (Gullwing). Federico found it in Germany: fully restored and always remained in Europe, with its first English owner. It is from 1956 and it is exactly how he dreamed of it: black with red interiors and a very rare extra: rugged wheels.

A very preciuos piece that rarely leaves the garage, only for the most important events. But Federico, behind a calm and reflective apparence, hides a very lively character, so glamor is not enough for him. He wants to hear the engines roar and the adrenaline that only a Lancia Stratos can give, especially the infamous Stratos Gr.4. He visited several time the garage of his friend from Biella, where in the past several Stratos have been parked, and finally in 2006 the stroke of luck. A Lancia Stratos from ‘75 immediately transformed into Gr 4, with a very important historical past, in perfect conditions thanks to an excellent restoration.

Federico succeed to have it registered at his name in the UK, so he can drive it without problems on all roads, even in the Biella area. “Of course I limit the speed”, he admits, but his eyes do not hide the enthusiasm of those who look at these cars as authentic family jewels.